Enough of a Good Thing

Rain, rain, rain. Sometimes you can have enough of a good thing. It’s been raining for days. And though our state has desperately needed a good, long rain, the flash floods seem to be saying, “Enough!” Sometimes, like with the rain, I feel myself growing weary of myself. Even at my best moments, when I want my life to reflect God’s glory, I catch myself thinking about myself and how God might change me. I think of how I could be more winsome, more gregarious, more fun. And it gets a little like that feeling you’d have if you swallowed a spoonful of butter. You can have too much of a good thing, and too much self can easily turn into a flood whose current takes me places I’d rather not go. Continue reading “Enough of a Good Thing”



The LORD tarries,
eyes rouse to morn;
A soul is quiet,
content for now.

But restless is the day.

Hunger wakes,
dawn questions rest;
Better tests sufficient,
today asks for more.

It wants to get it right.

But humble is the meal,
swallowed is my portion;
For this rising day,
his grace is bread enough.

He is bread enough.


Three Square Feet

The average human body takes up 3 square feet of human real estate on this planet. In the year 1950, the average 3-square-foot American consumed 292 square feet of house. By 2008, the same American increased his consumed space to 900 square feet. He takes up 300 times his size.

In crowded Hong Kong in the early 1900s, government policy mandated that each person have at least 35 square feet per person. I have 295; and even though that’s only a third of the U.S. average, it’s over 8 times the minimum required by the Hong Kong mandate.

Americans, Canadians and Australians report the most square feet per person. Japanese report the least.

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