The Ant List

Our school calendar has summer break lasting 80 days this year. In Tallahassee, those 80 days average about 14 hours of sunlight apiece. So I made an ant list. You see May is already half over, and I’m terrified. In two weeks the schedule gets pulled; my 9-2 workday gets the squeeze. And somehow I will need to work with four kids wandering aimlessly about the house, four kids whose natural bent will be to use electronics like a lollipop, balk at being turned outside in the hot and humid Tallahassee air, and to exploit the words “I’m bored.” Continue reading “The Ant List”

10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged

Okay so my friend lovingly left me this message last night: “You know that blog of yours is not going to write itself.” And I know it’s not, and I know I need to post again. But my brain is registering one long dial tone. So I’ve decided to give all one or two of you ten reasons why I haven’t blogged over the holidays and the few weeks that followed (then you’ll believe me when I say “dial tone”): Continue reading “10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged”

8 Things to Trash Today

  1. Grasping for something better
  2. Excuses
  3. Worrying about what someone else thinks
  4. Trying to be perfect
  5. To-do list items that are older than a week
  6. Avoiding the difficult
  7. Negative commentary
  8. Unintentional living