10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged

Okay so my friend lovingly left me this message last night: “You know that blog of yours is not going to write itself.” And I know it’s not, and I know I need to post again. But my brain is registering one long dial tone. So I’ve decided to give all one or two of you ten reasons why I haven’t blogged over the holidays and the few weeks that followed (then you’ll believe me when I say “dial tone”):

1)  I was making pine cone bird feeders with my kids.

2)  I was cleaning up pine-cone-bird-feeder vomit from the dog (there should be a warning to dog owners on all pine cone bird feeder recipes).

3)  I was giving the dog her Prozac-Valium cocktail after she bit the vet tech (again and I am still thinking maybe the vet meant that for me).

4)  I was trying to coax my children out of bed for school in spite of what seemed like a holiday hangover keeping them snug in their rugs.

5)  I was reading on my new Kindle (lovely Kindle).

6)  I was looking for a  new pediatrician while helping a daughter find two obscure “primary sources” related to the founding of our national parks (the first week back to school).

7)  I was sleeping (every day for two weeks past 6 a.m., o glorious luxury)

8)  I was digesting cookies, pie, cake, mass quantities of meat, and hot chocolate with whipped cream (all of which cause serious havoc on my system and really slow me down).

9)  I was busting it to meet today’s Shutterfly deadline of 10% off and free shipping on photo books (and am pleased to report that our 96-page album, 2010 in Review, is off to the presses, and I saved $30.19).

10) I was busy not writing Christmas cards or even Happy New Year cards (My diligent husband wrote cards to his family; to my family and friends, I am very sorry if I let you down).

In 2011 I resolve to make fewer excuses.

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