Procrastination. Enter it in the little window adorned with a “g” at the top of your browser, and find, among other things, the following reasons why we procrastinate:

Because we fear failure.
Because we fear success.
Because we fear autonomy.
Because we fear being alone.
Because we fear attachment.

So that’s why I haven’t caught up on the laundry and am 3 (or so) months behind on reconciling bank statements! I fear success, failure, autonomy, being alone and attachment.

Ahh, smile.

Please don’t be offended, everyone who teaches, uses and benefits from the discipline of psychology: but aren’t we sometimes just lazy? Sometimes don’t we just want to be entertained instead of focused on work? I mean, I do. Am. I don’t feel like going through the boxes in the garage even though doing so would mean I could park a car in there. I’m waiting for an energy from on high that hasn’t yet struck (surprise). So there sit the boxes and here in the chair sits my butt. I don’t think I’ll fail at the job or be too successful to handle it. I don’t think I’m afraid of the independence it might display or the fact that I’d be alone (for a mom, alone can be a very sweet word). And, I really don’t quite understand the attachment angle enough to comment on that.

When I cut through all the reasons (excuses) for not doing something, the naked truth staring back at me is that I just don’t want to.

And it’s fun to procrastinate by looking up the word and poking fun at someone’s attempt to dissect it.


Well, I’m gonna get off my butt and get moving.

But first, I’m stopping in the kitchen to see if there’s anything to eat.

2 Replies to “Procrastination”

  1. Thanks for writing. When I get home this afternoon noon we can go through at least one box in the garage… assuming there’s nothing more interesting in the kitchen. ~ Mike

  2. i really love what you share here, as if you didn’t know. i wasn’t necessarily going to comment; i was just being nosy and seeing who had left the 1 comment, and oh my gosh, mike’s user name is HILARIOUS! 😉 love you guys. cheers from one procrastinator to another!

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